How to get rid of payday loans

Without the proper discipline and help, it can get harder to get rid of payday loans. Here’s how to get rid of payday loans: Create a budget. It seems like common sense to make a budget but it’s perhaps not so surprising a lot of people don’t do this. According to a June 2013 Continue reading »

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Getting On an Extended Payment Plan

You’ve taken out a payday loan and it’s nearly due. In just a couple of days that cash advance loan has to be paid back. The big problem is you don’t have the cash to repay the loan in full. And that means there’s only four options you have; three of which are realistic.

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Payday Loan Debt Relief Through Consolidation

Payday loan debt relief can prove elusive–especial to borrowers who have never tried payday loan consolidation. The way the system is rigged is in favor of the lender–not the borrower. And after a consumer takes out a cash advance loan, he or she quickly learns how hard it is to achieve payday loan debt relief Continue reading »

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