Consolidating Payday Loans

You need to take action for your payday loans debt. You don’t need to continue avoiding the harassing phone calls and barrage of letters from collectors. Our team can help you in consolidating your payday loans.

How payday loan debt begins

Payday loans should be temporary answers to temporary problems. Borrowers take out these loans for short-term expenses like groceries or utility bills — expenses that usually cost a few hundred dollars. The catch with payday loans is that they come with heavy fees. Often that means the borrower can’t pay back the loan on time, so they take out a second loan to pay the first one. This leads to a  mounting cycle of debt.

Consolidation of payday loans

When you’re consolidating payday loans, you’re combining of all of your cash advance loans.  A payday loans consolidation team negotiates with your lenders to reduce or restructure your debt. The lenders might resist, but the team knows the lender would rather get back something than nothing at all.  What’s more, the deal typically includes lenders agreeing not to charge any more fees on the account. Meanwhile, the borrower only has to make small, manageable monthly payments that add up over time. When the balance equals the amount the borrower owes, it goes to pay the lenders.

Our services do help in consolidating payday loans. Check out this testimonial from our happy client Michelle W. of Ohio:

I would like to start by telling people it is so easy to get caught up in the payday loan trap. I had about seven or eight companies I borrowed from and was unable to pay back (borrowing from Peter to pay Paul). I was in the payday loan trap and did not know what to do. The companies started calling me at my place of employment. I was stressed out, could not sleep and I did not know what to do.

Then I started hearing about companies that can consolidate all of your payday loans. It sounded good to me; I could make payments and get rid of them. The first company I signed up with did not work out at all. I had regular contact with them for a while. Then one day, their phones had been turned off. I did not know what to do. They had all my payments but had not paid off anyone, and now I cannot contact them. I did not know of a lot that I could do; I had been scammed and they shut down the company. I was very upset. The calls started at work again,; I was stressed and could not sleep.

Then one day, somehow, I found out about Payday Loan Conceptz. I was a little unsettled at first since I had just gotten ripped off by the other company. I signed up with Payday Loan Conceptz and within a year, all of my payday loans are paid off. I am so happy I was able to find this company to help me out of this bad situation I had gotten myself into. I would tell anyone if you find yourself in this situation to please, please contact Payday Loan Conceptz. They can help you get off the roller coaster of payday loans. They were always willing to answer any questions I had no matter when I called. I would recommend this company to any of my family or friends that are in this situation. They are great and they always answer their phones.

Our payday loans consolidation program offers you quick relief, a variety of programs based on time length, online monitoring and FDIC insured deposits. You are not alone! Call today at 1888-958-1224 or fill out the online form.