Payday Loan Relief Program

According to a report by the nonprofit group Milken Institute, 12 million people borrow nearly $50 billion a year through payday loans in the U.S. What’s more, most borrowers owe payday lenders for five months out of the year. Thus, they end up paying $800 for a $300 loan. It’s no wonder relief from payday loans is so elusive. Payday loan relief programs are made to help people in debt.

Our payday loan relief program will provide you with such relief. We set you up with a team of payday relief experts who will help you pay off your debt while they negotiate with lenders.

Not only will our program offer you quick relief, but also online monitoring, FDIC insured deposits and no risk with our free phone consultation. We provide six-, nine- and 12-month program.

We are helping everyday people nationwide stop their debt cycle. Read what a few of our satisfied clients have to say about our payday loan relief program:

I am really amazed at the reduced amount I had to repay all these pay day loan companies I got entrapped with. It was really pennies on the dollar as Pay Day Loan Conceptz explained when I entered the program. It really gave me relief from threatening calls, and all the late fees and interest the loan companies were charging me. I would like to thank Pay Day Loan Conceptz. You were really a breath of relief at a time I really needed it! — Annie W., North Carolina

You were very helpful with all creditors. When they gave me trouble, I was able to talk to customer service anytime. I am so glad you were able to help me finish my program early. — Steve E., California

You are not alone! Join one of our payday loan relief program today by calling 1888-958-1224.