Payday Loan Debt Counselling

Payday Loan Debt Counselling is good suggestion if you find yourself in payday debt. A payday loan debt counselor or a credit counselor can provide different services that include financial and budget counselling, community education and debt consolidations strategies.


Payday loan debt counselling may be just as dangerous to the borrowing as the payday lending. The  Consumer Federation of America (CFA) advises borrowers to be careful of some payday loan debt counselor companies because they have  problems that include bad advising, misleading practices and high fees.


The Consumer Federation of America (CFA), a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization, has tips on finding good payday loan debt counselling.


Figure out if payday loan debt counselling is for you. The CFA suggests you examine all your alternatives before going into counselling. They include coming up with a better budget and savings plan, speaking with creditors about paying off your payday loan debt and even declaring bankruptcy in serious circumstances.


Do your research on counselling agencies. Consult the Better Business Bureau or a state Attorney General’s office for background information on a payday loan debt counselling company. Look at the complaints the company received. Get referrals from relatives, friends, neighbors or coworkers. The nonprofit organization the National Foundation for Credit Counselling is also a great resource for finding a trustworthy agency.


Active and retired military personnel can get payday loan debt counselling. They can contact Military OneSource to find the nearest location near them with a family service center or support center that can help with financial problems. Call 1-800-464-8107 for Military OneSource. Military relief societies may also be able to provide counselling to specific military branches like the Navy and Coast Guard.

The Consumer Federation of America has more information on credit counselling for consumers  and a report on the credit counselling industry.


My Payday Loan Relief provides payday loan debt counselling as well as a payday loan debt consolidation program to help your financial situation. Get a Free Consultation Today by filling out the form on this webpage or by calling 1-888-958-1787.


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