Stop Payday Debt Collection Calls

To stop payday debt collection calls, if it’s a fraud, is to know how to deal with the callers. Stop and think if a payday debt collection call is a fraud if you receive one. Chances are, this may be the case.


The person claiming to be a collection agency representative would say things to scare you into giving in. He or she might give an agency’s name, a file case number and a phone number for you to call back. The person may even say consequences could befall you if you don’t take action on your debt.


You can stop payday debt collection calls if you can turn the tables on the individual. Here are tips on how to stop payday debt collection calls:

  • Request the person’s name, agency name, mailing address and telephone number. Then, verify that the agency exists.

  • Inquire for an official validation notice of the debt. By law, debt collectors must give this information on paper. The notice must include the debt amount, the creditor’s name and a statement of your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If the “representative” won’t give this information, disconnect the call.

  • Until you can confirm the call, don’t give  or verify any bank account, credit card or other personal information over the phone.

  • Check your credit report by going to or calling (877) 322-8228. This will help you determine if you have outstanding debts or if there has been suspicious activity under your name.

  • If the scammer has a great deal of personal information about you, be safe and place a fraud alert on your credit report.

  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission if the caller uses threats. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits debt collections from being abusive, unfair or deceptive.


For more information on how to stop payday debt collection calls and other financial scams, visit the Better Business Bureau at

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